This stocklist is an impression of animals we can send worldwide.The animals listed below are examples of species we are able to deliver. We have a very extensive network all over Europe. Professional animal breeders and suppliers deliver regularly reared animals. We have good contacts with showbreeders of rabbits, poultry and waterfowl. Also rodent and carnivore breeders find their way to Animal Express.

Our specialties are:

  • Small carnivores like striped skunks, meerkats, foxes and ferrets 
  • Small rodents like hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, degus and gerbils.
  • Big rodents like maras, aguties and capybaras. 
  • Bennett wallabies brown, white and parma wallabies
  • Quails, francolins, partridges and pheasants
  • Huacaya alpacas in a wide variety of colors 



  • Coloured mice
  • Fancy rats
  • Hamsters (Syrian, winter white, roborovski, campbelli, Chinese)
  • Guinea-pigs normal, teddy, Californian, skinny
  • Gerbil
  • Degu
  • Chinchilla special colors
  • Chinchilla angora
  • Azara agouti
  • Punctata agouti
  • African crested porcupine (grey and white)
  • Dwarf mara
  • Patagonian mara
  • Capybara
  • Squirrel (different breeds)
  • Sugar gliders (normal, white-face, mosaic)
  • Crested porcupine
  • Tree porcupine
  • Kinkajou


  • Hedgehog (African pygmee, four-toed, tenrec)
  • Ferrets (different colors)
  • Striped skunks (A lot of different colors and patterns)
  • Meerkats
  • Mongoose (dwarf, yellow, banded, Egyptian)
  • Foxes (Fennec, corsac, silver, arctic)
  • Genet cat
  • Civet cat
  • Serval cat
  • Tayra
  • Asian small-clawed otter


  • Parma wallaby
  • Bennett wallaby brown
  • Bennett wallaby white
  • Wallaroo
  • Eastern grey kangaroo
  • Red giant kangaroo


  • Alpaca huacaya (white, cremé, fawn, brown, black, pinto, blue)
  • Alpaca Suri
  • Lama
  • Camel
  • Dromedary 


Terrestrial birds

  • Roul-roul/crested partridge
  • Quail (European, Japanese, King, California, Tree)
  • Partridge (European, Chucar, Bamboo, Arabian)
  • Francolins
  • Grouse (sand, rock ptarmigan, prairie, Western capercaillie)
  • Guineafowl (helmeted, crested, vulturine)
  • Pheasant (ring-necked, golden, lady Amherst, reeves, eared, peacock, swinhoe, elliot)
  • Tragopan (temminck, satyr, cabot)
  • Crested tinnamou 
  • Curassow (helmeted, bare-face, great)
  • Turkey (domestic, ocellated)
  • Peacock (green, white, cameo blackshouldered, Java)
  • Nandu (grey and white)
  • Emu
  • Ostrich


  • Domesticated ducks (Indian runner, call, khaki Campbell,  Saxony, Muscovy)
  • Mandarin & Carolina (different colors)
  • Tealducks (ringed, garganey, Eurasian, blue-billed, cinnamon)
  • Whistling ducks
  • Diving ducks (tufted, pochard)
  • Domestic geese (African, Chinese, Toulouse)
  • Wilde geese (maned, red-breasted, Hawaiian, lesser-white fronted, barnacle, cackling, emperor, snow)
  • Swans (mute, whooper, black, trumpeter, black-necked)

Ibisses and cranes

  • Ibisses (Scarlet, African sacred, American white)
  • Cranes (red-crowned, demoiselle, grey-crowned)
  • White stork
  • Herons

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